The brand JUUL

Many teens and adults know the brand JUUL, which is extremely popular in schools. At most high schools, e-cigarette smoke is swirling in the air as teenagers hang out. Well, using vaporized e-juice is bad for you because it uses a highly addictive chemical called nicotine, chemicals known to cause cancer, and e-cigarettes are not FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved as a cessation aid.
First of all, vaping hooks teens. To prove this, 40 percent of young e-cigarette users had never smoked regular tobacco in their life (Johns). In other words, only 60 percent of teens were using it according to how it was meant for. In 2017, the University of Michigan did a national survey and in a one month period, eleven percent of high school seniors reported vaping with nicotine (Raven). As it shows, most young people think vaping is just smoke and does no damage, but it really is way more than that. Adding to that, the many varieties available draw teens in with tantalizing packages and delectable scents (Carney). JUUL, a vaping company got in trouble for selling flavors such as gummy bears, donuts, and cotton candy. That is why vaping is hooking teens.
Vape companies might not be telling the truth about their product because in an interview and survey, after six to twelve months of smokers using vapes, nearly all were still on traditional cigarettes (Nationals). They are supposed to be getting smokers off cigarettes but their marketing is clearly lying in this survey. That explains why people who use e-cigarettes may be less likely to quit smoking (Raven). For instance, the nicotine levels are extremely similar and both smoking and vaping are addicting. Also, federal regulators have not approved vaping as a cessation aid (Fp). So, that means that e-cigarettes and other vape devices are not medically proven to work. So to conclude, vaping does not function as marketed
Last and most importantly, vaping is absolutely bad for your body. A popular known chemical used in cars, called antifreeze and tobacco specific compounds that have been known to cause cancer was detected in vapes and e-cigarettes by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) (Raven). Antifreeze is meant to lower the freezing point of a water-based liquid and increases its boiling point. Those chemicals are supposed to be used in an engine, not a human body. In addition, the chemicals raise your blood pressure and spike your adrenaline (Johns). Your adrenaline increases rates of blood circulation, breathing, and carbohydrate metabolism. This also increases your likelihood of having a heart attack (Johns). The main reason for many vapers and smokers is to help relax themselves when it really is increasing your heart rate and stimulating you.